The Barahona-Pedernales Coastline

Recognized as one of the most beautiful in the Caribbean, the scenery is striking. The mountains - replete with lush vegetation, rushing rivers, and cascading waterfalls - drop down to the sea. Driving along the coast brings visitors to such sights as Jaragua National Park and the beautiful sand beaches of Bahia de las Aguilas.

Lake Enriquillo

The largest salt water lake in the Antilles , Lake Enriquillo is located 114 feet beneath sea level. At its center lie three islands, the larges of which being Isla Cabritos. Being a protected reserve, the islands are inhabited by iguanas, and a significant population of the endangered American crocodile.

The Barahona area is well known for its variety and folklore, but most of all by its physical beauty. Visitors interested in exploring nature will be very pleased by their visit. Barahona’s landscape consists of mountains, streams, cascades, exuberant vegetation and miles of beaches. The province is not far from great natural habitats such as Sierra de Bahoruco National Park and Lake Enriquillo.

Bahoruco National Park

Located in the arid southwestern region of the Dominican Republic, this very isolated park is perhaps the nation's most idiosyncratic. The vegetation ranges from wet and pine forest all the way to dry forest and supports many different types of animals and trees. The Sierra de Bahoruco is known for its many species of orchids and for a wide variety of bird life.